DYNAguard V

Flow Indicator for Solids

  • Electrostatic / triboelectric

  • Non-contact, non-intrusive

  • Electronic module without process coupling (please  refer to ESR...below)

  • Multitude of couplings are available

  • Variable user 

  • Revolving screw-link to the process coupling 

  • Detection of only moving material - not influenced by deposits

  • Relay and 4...20mA version 

  • Flow displayed by LED-bar (relay version)

  • Reliable, longterm stable, maintenance free

  • Description
  • Process coupling
  • Technical data
  • Downloads
  • Additional pictures

The sensor electronics units of DYNAguard V connected with process couplings of ESR series helps to monitor the mass flow in solid material handling applications such as pneumatic transport lines, feeders or gravity chutes in a wide range of mass flow from g/h to t/h.
Conveying or feeding problems of powders, pellets or granules are detected early and thus should be avoided. This helps to prevent plant failures like clogging, material loss, idle or other serious difficulties.
The meter detects moving electrical charges that are produced, for example, through friction with other objects such as the pipe wall and then naturally adhere to the solids surface, solid lining will not be detected.
A multitude of sensor mechanics units makes process coupling very easy and allows cost effective solutions for almost any monitoring application - also in existing conveying systems. The advantage of this modular concept also appears in case of refit or exchange.
The device is not applicable for solids which build up an electrical conducting layer on the sensor through friction or deposition.


ESR_BR "Flanged Pipe"
ESR_CL "Clamp Connection"
ESR_F "DIN-/ANSI Flange"
ESR_ZF "Wafer"
ESR_SV "Plastic Pipe"
ESR_RS "Pipe Connection"
ESR_RE "Rectangle"
ESR_TR "Funnel"




Material Housing Stainl. steel 1.4305 (ASIS 303)
  Screw-link Stainl. steel 1.4301 (AISI 316 Ti)
  Sealing NBR
Ambient cond. Temperature -20 °C ... +70 °C (-4 °F ... +158 °F)
  Degree of protection IP 67 (EN 60529)
  EMC According to EN 61326-1
Output DYNAguard V01 Relay: max. 48 V AC/DC, 1A
    High/low switchable
  DYNAguard V02 Transistor: galvanically isolated
    Max. 31 V DC, 15 mA
    High/low switchable
  DYNAguard V20 4 - 20 mA, galvanically isolated
    Load < 500 Ω
Supply voltage DYNAguard V01/V02 17 - 31 V DC, max. 60 mA
  DYNAguard V20 17 - 31 V DC, max. 90 mA
Adjustment Sensitivity 1 - 180.000
  Damping 0 - 10 s (K01/02), 0 - 180 s (V20)
  Switchpoint 1 - 10 (DYNAguard V01/02)
  Zero set 4 mA (DYNAguard V20)


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