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Continuous flow measuring of bulk solids

  • contactless measuring

  • in free fall and for pneumatic transport systems 

  • easy integration with existing systems

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The DYNAmas flowmeter is used for continuous flow measurement of all kinds of bulk materials by applying the capacitive measuring principle. Accurate online flow measurement in free fall, as well as for pneumatic transport systems.
Product concentration and transport speed are simultaneous and independently measured, and then used to calculate the mass flow rate. Thus, the measuring system is independent of fluctuating transport speeds. 
The device, available in different nominal diameters, is easy to calibrate and its reduced dimensions allow hassle-free integration into existing systems.
In essence, DYNAmas contactless measuring is wear-free.
The DYNAmas flowmeter has been designed to handle any bulk material flow, starting already with small volumes. Accordingly, the device proves suitable for many different applications.
Configuration and measured values are displayed via the DYNAcon communication unit, which also provides various PLC interfaces.

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Accuracy typically 1 - 3 %
Process temperature standard: max. 130°C (266°F)
Prozess pressure max. 64 bar (900 lbs)
Ambient cond. temperature -40°C...+60°C (-40°F...140°F)
Ambient cond. protection class IP 68 (EN 60529)
Ambient cond. interference immunity according to EN 61326-1
Parametrierung via CAN-Bus through DYNAcon / Notebook
Output via CAN-Bus through DYNAcon:
  Mass flow rate, concentration,
  Velocity, failure, simulation value,
  limits status
CAN-Bus transmission rate 40 kBaud
  cable length max. 1000 m
Supply voltage 19...31 V DC, max. 10 W
Damping 1-30 s, fast adaptation to rapid
  change of the value



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